Our Services

Across the Kindergarten to Adult learning spectrum, Plūs Ultré has deep experience with public charter and independent schools, school districts, Charter Management Organizations, and Education Management Organizations.

Strategic Planning, Development and Implementation

  • Analysis and development of strategic plans for: Operational Efficiency, Effectiveness, Organizational Competence and Capacity
  • Professional and Leadership Development
  • Organizational Dynamics, Coaching and Mentoring
  • Implementation of Theoretical Frameworks to Achieve Practical Results
  • Financial and Budget Modeling
  • New Revenue Development, including replication of services for growth and new concepts
  • Planning for organizational turnarounds and troubleshooting

Board & Governance Training and Consultation

  • Governance training
  • Training for charter school boards to optimize effectiveness and compliance
  • Board member recruitment and selection
  • Communications strategies

Fund Raising and Development

  • Relationship Building with key funding sources
  • Develop and foster "unusual" alliances between interested parties ("match-making")
  • Fund Development Strategies

Concept & Idea Generation

  • Development of new products and services
  • Creation of intellectual properties leading to new revenue generation or branding opportunities